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The "True" wisdom of nature

I think one reason nature journaling is so powerful is because I believe you can’t truly “learn from the wisdom of nature” without actually learning about nature.

I feel annoyed when I hear people suggest otherwise, because I think it would be a very shallow, surface-level kind of wisdom. I think you would be at risk of romanticizing nature, similar to how indigenous cultures’ deep connection to the land is often oversimplified as the “noble savage” trope, the idea that they are mysteriously and almost magically “one with all of nature.”

Don’t let nature be abstract.

Learn the Names of the species who live around you. Learn their ecology, behavior, and habits. Learn about their yearly cycles and life cycles. Learn what they need to survive and how they interact with other species. Learn how they are valued culturally and how they might be used for food, medicine, etc. Learn what stories have been told about them, and tell new ones. Learn about their unique ways of Being in the world and wonder what life is like from their experience.

And then, along the way, you WILL learn plenty of wisdom that you can apply to your own life.

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