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Deep Nature Connection(Panel Discussion clip!)

Last month, I was invited to be a panelist for an Earth Day panel discussion at the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice. We watched the documentary "Kiss the Ground," which is about climate change and regenerative agriculture. Then, each of us on the panel had a few minutes to talk about something we can do about climate change. I talked about Deep Nature Connection.

Watch the video clip of my talk (below) because I think you will really like it! I think it gets at the core of what I teach, in a way I hadn't quite articulated publicly before. The most important ideas I want to share with you are all here.

Someone I know who is on the local Board of Trustees was there, and she told me that after I was done speaking, she turned to my other friend and said "Oh. My. God." And he responded saying, "Yeah, Rebecca is always like this." 😄

Anyway, here's the video!

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