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Online Nature Programs

Nature Connection for Grandparents & Grandkids
Coming Soon: September/October 2020
5 Session Program on ZOOM
Being away from family is hard. Whether you are separated because of Covid, or simply distance, it can be challenging to find ways to stay connected with relatives and loved ones. This program is designed to provide a fun activity for grandparents and grandchildren to share while also connecting with your local environment. Each week, there will be a nature journal prompt and a conversation topic to take home, which we will discuss when we come back together the next week.
A main theme of the program will be observing the change of the seasons. We can ask questions such as: What is happening in nature at this time of year? Where does our knowledge about the natural world come from? If you and your family member live in different places, is the timing of the change of seasons similar or different? How do the grandkid's observations compare with what the grandparents observed when they were kids?
The direction the program takes will be driven by your curiosity, interests, and questions.
Limited to 5 Grandparent/Grandchild pairs (10 Zoom Accounts)
$60 / Zoom Account
Ages 5+
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