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Nature Journaling for Ecological Re - STORY - ation

“It’s not just the land that is broken, but more importantly, our relationship to land...we can’t meaningfully proceed with healing, with restoration, without “re-story-ation.” In other words, our relationship with land cannot heal until we hear its stories. But who will tell them?” 
-Robin Kimmerer

In this course you will...
  • Learn how your personal nature journal practice and connection to the land can help us create a better future together 

  • Start with gratitude for the gifts of nature and becoming rooted in a practice that nourishes you in a deep way

  • Gain confidence and let go of perfectionism 

  • Discover new things about your local ecosystem and how they fit into the bigger picture, through space and time 

  • Explore how being who YOU are and sharing your unique gifts and perspective can help you make the biggest impact on the world 

  • Be in an intimate, inspiring community of other nature journalers on the same journey.           

  • Get personalized support, guidance and feedback.

Here's the Schedule 

Mondays at 12 - 1:30pm EST (New York)

March 6 - April 10, 02023

Online on Zoom

  • It's technically an hour and a half, but in past cohorts we've often stayed up to an extra half-hour if we're having a really good discussion, so you might want to plan for that

  • If this group fills up and there's enough interest, I'll create a second group. Let me know what day/time works for you.

Your Path to ReSTORYation (6).jpg

What will the classes be about?

Five weekly 1.5-hour interactive group mentoring sessions via Zoom, and recordings of each class:

✅ Week 1: How to Be a Story-Catcher 

  • Listen to the stories of the land ​​

✅Week 2: The Web of Life

  • Ecology as a spatial system of relationships 

✅Week 3: Intergenerational Nature Stories

  • Reclaim your natural heritage ​​

✅Week 4: Sharing Your Nature Stories 

  • Inspire your community ​​

✅Week 5: Future Ecological Vision 

  • Turn re-story-ation into re-story-action

Plus These Bonuses 

Private Online Community 

  • A space to ask questions, share your journals & stories, get personalized feedback, and make new friends

End-of-Course Celebration

  • Gather with your classmates to celebrate your journey, share your ecological visions, and move forward from this class with feelings of hope and a plan for action     

Great for beginners or experienced nature journalers -- ALL our voices matter

Not an art class -- you'll learn to use nature journaling as a process to help you be more present to the stories happening around you.

Cultivate a supportive community and develop consistency in your practice

You’ll end this class with a journal full of memories, a deeper sense of place, and the confidence that your actions make a difference.  

Cost: $197 (US) 

(Next time, it will be expanded to 10 weeks and the price is going up to $497. This is your last chance to join in at the current price). 

"Any class with Rebecca will be a joy! She is a thought leader in the nature journaling movement. She is approachable, encouraging, and kind, and challenges us to think about our connection to nature in a rich and personal way. Rebecca's participation and leadership in the nature journaling community has brought greater inspiration, connection, and depth to many of us and has deepended and enriched our practice." 

Nature journal scavenger - Copy.jpg

- John Muir Laws

 “You should absolutely do it if you have even the tiniest inkling or interest in doing it. It’s going to advance your nature journaling experience, or even if you’re not a nature journaler it’s just going to open up your connection with nature in a new way that’s really worth exploring. So I would highly encourage anyone considering it to do it.”

~ Amy S, 

“Go for it! It’s a lot of fun. You’ll find a cohort and community of people who really care about nature and have a safe place to really share your stories. Rebecca does a great job of creating a welcoming atmosphere and has a lot of really good storytelling techniques and methods for sharing our stories with others. I would totally recommend this class.” 

-Kat H. 

"One of my all-time favorite classes! Everybody should be taking this class! It’ll make you think a lot deeper about the land, it’ll make you look deeper into layers, now and in the future. Rebecca is an incredible teacher and everybody should be taking classes from her. It’s the sort of class that does not end after the class ends. It’s the sort of class that you’re going to be thinking about. It makes you inhabit a physical space very differently when you’re looking at it from a story perspective. I know stories are fun, but I was surprised by the sheer joy.…I feel more creative again, instead of holding back. It’s helped me to calm down a lot more, and be a much better listener to nature: being ABLE to sit down and listen, to relax.”

-Yvea, host of "Pencil Miles and Chill."  

“There was so much richness in that hour and a half we had together. It worked very well for us at different levels, because we all came from different places. The distillation of that guidance through what could be a vast landscape of how we tell stories. I was always surprised and encouraged to grow by the variety of things that you presented, the variety of ways we were thinking about things. That’s what I’ve taken with me, I still think about these things.”


Misty Morning
Meet Your Teacher
Me in a tree May 9 2022 Ryder Park with Grandma.jpg

Hi, I'm Rebecca Rolnick! I'll be your mentor and guide on this journey of reconnection and belonging. 

 I'm a naturalist, writer, and environmental educator. My mission is to conserve biodiversity and connect people to nature. I live in upstate New York and hold a B.S. in Conservation Biology with a minor in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. As a National Geographic Certified Educator, I am passionate about helping students develop a sense of curiosity and wonder, critical thinking skills, and environmental literacy through place-based learning. I'm also a judge for the Field Notebook module in the American Birding Association's "Young Birder of the Year" program. 


All sales are final in order to preserve the feeling of a cohesive community in a small-group setting. 

If you have questions, or you're not sure this class is the right fit for you, send me an email at: 

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