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Forest School-to-You
~Dropoff Adventures~

Learn to think like a scientist! Awaken your sense of curiosity and wonder

~Limited to 12 students max! Registration for Fall 2021 opens soon~
September 7 - December 2
Choose Tuesdays AND/OR Thursdays 
9am - 12pm
Ages 7-11
Location: Manlius, New York
(contact me to learn the specific place)
Program Details 
All sessions include a mix of interdisciplinary nature journaling lessons and forest school - style exploration.  Forest School-to-You programs incorporate the interests of the students and whatever is happening in nature on a particular day. Each month is structured around a particular theme and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) cross-cutting concept that I weave into opportunities for learning experiences.

Month 1: Homes & Habitats (September 7 - 30)
This session will focus on curiosity and fundamental observation skills. Learn about habitats, ecosystems, and your wild neighbors. Your student will feel at home in nature by learning about "leave no trace" and how to avoid hazards. Activities will include nature journaling, building shelters, scavenger hunts, and catching stream insects. 
  • NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts: Patterns 

  • International Baccalaureate Concepts: Connection, Perspective, Responsibility

  • National Geographic Explorers Learning Framework

    • Attitudes: Curiosity, Responsibility

    • Skills: Observation

    • Knowledge: Wildlife & Wild Places

Month 2: Curious Mysteries (October 4 - 28)
Did you know that the average 4 year old asks their parents 100 questions per day, but the average 12 year old asks 0? In October, we'll be nature detectives and investigate the mysteries all around us. Your student will learn how to dig deep and ask interesting questions, and then search to find the answers. Topics may include seasonal changes, leaf color, migration, tracking, biometrics/exploring with numbers, and mapping. 
  • NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts: Cause & Effect

  • International Baccalaureate Concepts: Causation, Change 

  • National Geographic Explorers Learning Framework

    • Attitudes: Curiosity

    • Skills: Problem Solving

    • Knowledge: Wildlife & Wild Places, Our Changing Planet

Month 3: Adaptations & Abilities (November 2 - December 2)
November will build on the observation and problem solving skills we cultivated in the first two months. Your student will learn about structure & function in ecological adaptations and niches. We'll have a parallel exploration of recognizing your personal strengths and abilities, and finding a sense of self within a community. Topics may include animal behavior, bird wings and flight, camouflage, and nature awareness skills such as listening, sneaking, and hiding.
  • NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts: Structure & Function 

  • International Baccalaureate Concepts: Form, Function, Responsibility 

  • National Geographic Explorers Learning Framework

    • Attitudes: Empowerment 

    • Skills: Collaboration

    • Knowledge: Wildlife & Wild Places



Saturday, December 4 2021: Winter Celebration (Families invited)


"Forest School to You provides a scientifically accurate program coupled with fun age-appropriate activities that help students better understand environmental issues." 

~Office of Experiential Learning and Outreach, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry 

"Knowledgeable and passionate, Rebecca is great with the kids. My 8 year old adores this program. 5 stars for sure!” 

~ Elizabeth K


2 Days/Week
Full semester: $480 (save $72)
1 month: $184

1 Day/Week
Full semester: $240 (save $36)
1 month: $92

About your instructor:

Hi, I'm Rebecca Rolnick! I'm a naturalist, writer, and environmental educator.  I am First Aid / CPR Certified. My overarching mission is to conserve biodiversity and connect people to nature. I hold a B.S. in Conservation Biology with a minor in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.
As a National Geographic Certified Educator, I am passionate about helping students develop a sense of curiosity and wonder, critical thinking skills, and environmental literacy through place-based learning. I have worked for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Teachers Conference, and Baltimore Woods Nature Center. I was featured as Eagle Bulletin's "Volunteer of the Month" in October 2020 for my work leading the Young Naturalists program through the Onondaga County Public Library system. Learn more about my experiences.
Please contact me at if you have any questions! 
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